Our Italian Suede is a firm but incredibly soft suede with a smooth velour like finish. Our suede is produced with the highest European production standards and this quality and care can be felt in each pair.

Our clog soles are handcrafted solid wood soles carved in Europe by artisans with over 20 years of experience. Contrary to conventional thinking clog soles are one of the most comfortable soles for all day wear. They absorb most of the shock when walking taking the pressure off your feet. The heel height is 2.75”  the platform under the ball of the foot is 1.25” leaving just a 1.5” total foot lift. All the benefits of wearing a heel without hurting your feet.

Each pair is crafted from medium density wood making them remarkably lightweight approx 12oz. Considering their comfort and light weight, our clogs are many of our customers go to travel shoes.


To put it simply when QUALITY, SUSTAINABILITY, and PEOPLE are more important than profit it gives new meaning to the word value.

We believe there is extraordinary value in ethically produced goods.