Why slow fashion doesn’t have to mean slow production...

It’s a common misconception that to get a custom handcrafted pair of shoes; it needs to take weeks. After ten years of experience creating ethically produced footwear and leather goods in America, we have refined our incredibly efficient footwear production to make sure your pair ships to you within just five days.

For years we have experimented with our production so that even in busy times, we can still provide you with a high-quality pair of shoes handmade in America in the same amount of time. We know you have upcoming events, a special occasion, or simply want to hold them as soon as possible, so we run production daily to ensure your order gets made for you on time. 

Our Process

Day One 

We received your order! 

Day Two 

Pattern Cutting & Sewing

Day Three 

Assembly & Lasting

Day Four 


Day Five

Out for Shipment

Day One - We received your order!

Our team received your order, and we are super excited you found something you love! Your order enters into the following day’s production schedule.


Day Two - Pattern Cutting & Sewing

We stock all of the leather hides and components to make your pair in our workshop. The first step to making your shoe a reality is pulling the materials of the shoe you purchased and cutting the parts for your size. Some parts get cut on machines and some by hand, depending on the style. Your parts are trimmed, edged, and prepared for assembly.

Day Three - Assembly & Lasting

Your new shoes are starting to take shape on this day! Your upper components are being stitched, fitted, and attached to your sole. This step is critical in the process as once your upper is attached, it is permanent. The final step is to last your pair; depending on the style, we select a pair of foot forms “lasts” and they are used to shape the leather providing you a comfortable fit.


Day Four - Lasting & Finishing

Your shoes are almost finished at this point but need a full 24 hours to form and cure. While lasting, all final hardware on your pair is attached. Full-grain shoes are polished; suede shoes get cleaned, brushed, and inspected. 

Day Five - Ready to ship

Your pair is complete! It takes a lot of care to ensure your pair arrives in perfect condition, so we stuff each shoe firmly with tissue to prevent any damage in transit, then each pair is packed inside our Shoebox, inside a carton. As part of our commitment to the environment, we try only to use recycled paper products.

Your shoes are now ready for shipment straight from our studio in Los Angeles, direct to your door.