Vacchetta Lowtops - Whiskey


NEW Italian Vacchetta Lowtops. Crafted from timeless Italian Vacchetta, a durable and long-lasting vegetable-tanned leather that beautifully patinas with time.  Our sneakers feature 1" cupsoles made in Italy from the highest quality natural rubber. 

Upper - Italian Vacchetta
Sole - Italian natural rubber cup sole
Laces - 100% Cotton

Handmade to order in Los Angeles. Ships to you within 5 days.

Womens Size:

Our Leather Low Tops run True to Size, but slightly large. If you are a half size we recommend sizing down. These sneakers are designed to be worn with or without socks as our leather is naturally breathable making them cool and comfortable for all day wear. Due to the lacing down the vamp they can also be roomy enough to wear with socks if you prefer. Our Lowtops will soften quickly as they break in.

Our flexible natural rubber Sneaker soles are made in Italy. They are a classic cup sole with a .5” hidden heel lift which features internal air pockets for added comfort. We never add any shanks or stiffeners in our sneakers to allow for maximum natural movement of the feet.

Natural Full Grain
This style is crafted from Natural Italian Vacchetta sustainably tanned in Tuscany. It has a matte finish and will patina with time. This leather will form to the shape of your foot within a couple wears.

Our chrome-free vegetable tanned leather does not contain any toxic substance harmful to man and is highly tolerable for those who suffer from metal related allergies. Our dedication to ethically made footwear extends to the materials we source therefore our leather production is strictly monitored to ensure low impact on the environment.   

Stains, scratches and patina all belong to the normal aging process of Italian Vacchetta leather shoes. As each batch of leather is tanned with organic material slight variances in tone and shading are regarded as a sign of craft and quality. If a slight scratch occurs simply rub the scratch with your finger to heat the oil and fade the scratch

Care & Cleaning
The use of oil based care products for this type of leather is not needed during the first years of use. As the leather contains high oil content this will keep the leather soft for years.

If a spill or stain occurs, water will dry completely within a couple hours, and if the stain contains dark dye color such as berries or coffee, use a damp cloth with clean water to blot away stain and let dry completely before wear.

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