Wooly Sneakers - Black


Our Wooly Sneaker is an essential footwear silhouette. It's both versatile and relaxed, bridging all seasons with its minimalist silhouette. The Classic sneaker features paired back lace detailing with two eyelets and Fine Cotton Laces.

Inspired by vintage sneakers, the classic Sneaker is a modern and cozy sneaker for every day. The upper is crafted from 100% German Milled Merino Wool and soled with stitched on Natural Rubber cup soles.

Upper - Merino Wool
Sole - Italian natural rubber cup sole
Laces - 100% Cotton

Handmade to order. Ships to you within 7 days.

Womens Size:


Our Wool Sneakers run True to Size. These sneakers are designed to be worn without socks as our wool is naturally breathable making them comfortable for all day wear. Out of the box they will be a glove like fit and form to your foot within one wear and will form to your foot as they break in.


Wool has a natural waterproofing due to fibers waxy coating called lanolin, which allows water to run off or blotted away before soaking in. It also resists staining from dirt or debris, which can easily be vacuumed or brushed off. The natural rubber soles can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water.


Wildly comfortable, super durable, and, most importantly, sustainable! You can't deny all the naturally amazing benefits of 100% merino wool. The unique sheep fiber is known for its durability and elasticity. These properties make wool an ideal material for shoes, as it provides barefoot-like comfort while being extraordinarily long-lasting. Paired with our natural rubber cup soles and cork insoles, there is not a more comfortable shoe out there.


With no harm to mother nature. Merino Wool gets harvested from sheep, Making wool a renewable resource and 100% biodegradable. The manufacturing of our wool leaves minimal environmental impact using no chemicals in the process, just water, and heat.

Certified OKEO-Tex 100

Our shoes are designed to come in to direct contact with your skin, so ensuring our materials' safety is our top priority. Our materials are Certified OKEO-Tex 100. Verifying our raw materials are FREE from harmful chemicals, such as heavy metals and toxic dyes, making them safe for adults and kids.

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