Our Wooly Sneakers are Back!

More Naturally Comfortable Than Ever

Wildly comfortable, super durable, and, most importantly, sustainable! You can't deny all the naturally amazing benefits of 100% merino wool. The unique sheep fiber is known for its durability and elasticity. These properties make wool an ideal material for shoes, as it provides barefoot-like comfort while being extraordinarily long-lasting. Paired with our natural rubber cup soles and your choice of leather or cork insoles, there is not a more comfortable shoe out there.

Magically, wool keeps your feet warm when cold and cool when warm. And because the interior of our shoes is 100% natural materials, they are designed to be worn without socks as they wick away moisture, which keeps them smelling fresh. Wool fibers can absorb large amounts of water vapor – twice as much as cotton and thirty times as much as polyester – helping to keep the skin drier and prevent the build-up of sweat, bacteria, and unpleasant smells. Get ready for your new favorite work from home sneakers. 


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