Founded on two simple principles: Sustainably sourced raw materials, and ethically produced products.

Who we are

Owned and operated by sisters, Alex and Ryan, ZUZII started in 2009 as a garage start up, and 10 years later we are proud to have a fully operational footwear factory in Los Angeles, California. 

We are both on the production line daily, each with specialized skills: Ryan has a degree in industrial design and focuses on our product launches and ethical material sourcing. She also leads our cutting and assembly. While Alex specializes in web development while finishing and packing your shoes for shipment. 

You can also catch us both in our chat with any questions you may have!

Owners and Craftsmen

Manufacturing On Demand

All of our products are Made to Order right here in the states, this helps us reduce our environmental impact in the manufacturing process by allowing us to make only what is needed.

In our process little to no waste is created, after an order is placed our shoes are cut, stitched, lasted, packed and shipped direct to your door within 10 business days.

In a market of imported goods, it is more important than ever to know about the products you purchase. We believe in sourcing the best raw materials for our products from only the top suppliers in Italy and Germany. To put it simply when quality, sustainability, and people are more important than profit it gives new meaning to the word value. We believe there is extraordinary value in ethically produced goods that far exceed the value of a dollar. This makes us proud of the products we produce and the people we work with. Together we can change the relationship we have with the products we consume.

Our shoes are proudly designed and handcrafted in
Los Angeles, California.